The safe way to wrap and comfort your loved ones


As a nurse in a leading psychiatric facility, I care for combative patients on a daily basis. Our hospital has experimented with various methods of restraint but each has its own drawbacks.

SafeBlanket was born out of a need to safely restrain and de-escalate dangerous situations. It’s a tool that we use multiple times a day, often at the request of patients who report feeling more calm and less anxious after being wrapped.

Parents often ask me what techniques they can use to comfort their child at home. That’s when I realized that the benefits of SafeBlanket could extend beyond a hospital setting.

Evan Goodman R.N., SafeBlanket Founder

Diagram of SafeBlanket prototype

What is SafeBlanket

Triple-Stitched Cotton Canvas

Durable enough to withstand combative episodes but gentle enough to comfortably wrap your loved ones

36 Handles

Provides you the flexibility to hold the blanket in multiple orientations, strong enough to lift children or adults

Machine Washable & Anti-Microbial

When you are done, just throw it in the laundry. The construction and material means that you can wash it as many times as you want

Why SafeBlanket is Unique

Individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) have a hard time understanding where they are in time and space. Unlike weighted-blankets, SafeBlanket is designed to be tightly rolled to create an enclosed space that creates a feeling of security, stability and body awareness. This “blanket-wrap” technique has been shown to reduce anxiety and stress for individuals with tactile needs.

Get Involved

In order to translate SafeBlanket from hospital to home use, we need your help. We want to hear from you: parents, caretakers, and anyone that has to take care of a loved one on a daily basis. We need your insight and experience to make SafeBlanket a convenient and indispensable tool that everyone can use.